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ERIS is recruiting 2 civic services

event support

APPUI à la coordination et au développement de la session

APPUI à l'animation d'ateliers sociolinguistiques et loisirs

APPUI à la communication et au développement de l'association

APPUI au développement des ateliers numériques

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Support for the logistics of the associative restaurant

From September 1st

8 months


"Developing an authentic environment and a conducive climate is the key to learning."




The content of the workshops offers  an innovative and inclusive approach that places the participant as an actor in their learning of the French language.


Discovering French culture and sharing your passions?

Artistic, cultural and creative leisure activities are organized with Francophone volunteers to share friendly moments, create connections and practice French.


Cooking and learning together?

Volunteers and participants are the chefs at our community restaurant. A moment of sharing, where the mixture of flavours, cultures and words make for a great experience.


Deepen and acquire  vocabulary 

With the help of volunteers we offer educational workshops  fun on themes to work on writing and vocabulary acquisition.

Our story

"It is by meeting Mohammed, an Iraqi asylum seeker, that the idea of creating an alternative, comprehensive integration programme adapted to the situation of migrants was born in the mind of Bernadette, founder and president of the association!"

Our daily mission

The ERIS association, created at the end of 2016, has the mission of facilitating the integration of people who have recently arrived on French territory. Learning the French language and culture, creating social links and supporting social and professional integration are at the core of the actions implemented on a daily basis. With this in mind, intensive programmes, combining fun and useful activities, have been designed to encourage individualised follow-ups and to enable each participant to be an active member of their integration process.


ERIS aspires to be a stepping stone to autonomy and self-confidence!

Migrant integration in France

the objectives of the project

For several years now, many asylum seekers have been arriving in France and Europe. Upon arrival, they face a long waiting period, sometimes ranging from several months to several years. This period is often a source of isolation and insecurity. Proficiency in the French language is an essential prerequisite for successful integration in France. Thus, the luckiest of them occasionally participate in French courses given by french volunteer organizations.


However, the reality remains that at the end of these hours, the level achieved and the integration rates remain low. "According to a Senate report, the average length of French language courses for newcomers has fallen from 240 to 148 hours. Only one foreigner in two reaches the minimum required level. Access to French courses, training and employment are currently the main obstacles to integration.


Our project is based on this observation by offering an intensive French language learning programme through courses delivered by qualified trainers and workshops shared with French-speaking volunteers, thus enabling the community to act on its values of solidarity.

  • Facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Enable everyone to build a future for themselves through the acquisition of French.

  • Encourage the exchange between cultures and cultivation of a group spirit.


  • Create a space to build self-confidence.

  • Raise awareness and change the way we perceive migrants.

  • Develop a sense of togetherness, promoting interaction.

Our project is based on this observation by offering an intensive French learning program thanks to  workshops prepared by our team and shared with French-speaking volunteers, thus enabling civil society to get involved around solidarity values.

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