Le restaurant associatif

Le restaurant est fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre à cause de la crise sanitaire actuelle

Dans le pays magique d’ERIS, on vous emmène vers de nouveaux horizons pour vivre des moments simples en allant à la rencontre de l’autre, grâce à la meilleure chose au monde :

In the magical land of ERIS, we take you on a journey to new horizons where one experiences simple moments of exchange, all thanks to the best thing in the world:




We've heard that cooking is a universal language, that puts everyone on an equal footing."

So, at ERIS, it's easy to enjoy moments of togetherness, gourmet delights and a journey of flavours. 

 Our volunteers and participants prepare the recipes with love and delight. These recipes, that change every week, can be found HERE, in the "menus and recipes" section. We offer stopovers in Iran, Guinea, Iraq, Lebanon, Colombia, France and all over the world. It's your call!


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At the end of the meal, we invite you to join our association for the symbolic amount of 1 euro. Membership is valid for 1 calendar year.

"Joining an association is to back a cause that is close to our hearts. It also means contributing to the development of the association by speaking at general assemblies and participating in external events: celebrations, events, etc."

réservation obligatoire

Afin de pouvoir vous assurer une place disponible, merci d'appeler au minimum
le jour même à 11h00.

Pour un groupe de plus de 10 personnes, merci de prévenir la veille.

Pay what you can

It's your choice!

Break-even price: 8 euros.

By donating 10 euros or more, you participate in the creation of workshops, allowing learners to participate in various activities that promote their integration.


We only accept cash and cheques.